You don’t need solar panels to save money on heating

Renewable energy is obviously a hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, with new and ever more inventive ways of powering our homes and gadgets using the natural resources (like wind and solar power) around us – just check out this solar powered phone charger for example. Many people now assume that the only way they can save money in the long term on their utility bills is through these sources, however we know that you don’t have to just have solar panels to save money on heating, as you can get a great deal on cheap home heating oil from without any of the upfront costs required to benefit from solar power. Find out more about how to get cheaper home heating oil in Ireland:

Buy in bulk

Buy more home heating oil at the one time and you can save money by benefitting from a lower cost per unit – which is good news for you and your wallet. Your home heating oil has no expiration date, so you can buy more when you can afford to, and save it in your tank, using it when you need to.

Little upfront costs

If you have moved into a property recently which uses home heating oil, you will have an oil tank located close by, as well as an oil-compatible boiler, and if both are in relatively good condition, you won’t need to invest any additional costs to benefit from hot water and heating from home heating oil, unlike with renewable energy sources which require an initial investment in necessary equipment and installation charges.

Grouped deliveries

Get your home heating oil delivered for next to nothing when you select delivery dates when there are more drivers in your area – this way, our drivers use less fuel getting to you, and we pass on the savings to you – just one of the easy ways you can save money on your heating bills. It also means you have more control over your energy sources – getting it when you need it, without having to rely on external weather sources.

Smart payments

Paying for your oil should be simple, with total transparency and no hidden fees, which is why we recommend that our customers pay with debit cards, to avoid any unnecessary transaction fees that are present when you pay with credit cards.

Alternative energy sources undoubtedly have benefits however, when you don’t have the funds available for the costly initial outlay, or you don’t enjoy prolonged periods of sunshine to maximise energy conversion from solar cells then energy sources like natural gas and home heating oil are very attractive.

We hope the tips above have helped you realise that there are savings to be made with your home heating oil, however if you need any advice or guidance, please feel free to ask our expert team and get in touch.

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