Cost saving tips to help you lower your energy bill

Would you like to save some money on your home heating bills? When budgets are stretched you want to save wherever you can, as small savings soon start to add up. We know if can be hard to manage all your household bills, so we like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get a great deal. Here’s a few cost saving tips to help you lower your energy bill when you order home heating oil from us.

Order now

If you know that you’re due to order home heating oil soon, do it now rather than later so you can pick a delivery date with a minuscule delivery fee. If you leave it too late and need to order for next day delivery, you’ll pay extra for it and no one enjoys paying more when they don’t have to.

Order as much as you can

One of our best cost saving tips to help you lower your energy bills is to order as much as you can afford, and that you tank will hold, in one go. This allows you to benefit from economies of scale and get a lower cost per unit for your home heating oil. If you’re worried about the oil degrading in quality in your tank if you don’t plan to use it all in the next few months, you can add a small bottle of heating oil additives to help keep the oil in good quality, as well as reduce sludge and grime build-up in your tank.

Use a debit card to pay

Avoid unnecessary transaction fees when you order home heating oil by leaving your credit card in your wallet and paying with your debit card. We understand it can be tricky to find all the money you need at the time, which is why budgeting for household bills is so important – check out some of these helpful resources to help you manage your money.

Turn your thermostat down

Lower your energy bill by being more economical with how you use your home heating oil. Use your timer to only have the heating on when you need it, turn the thermostat down a little so you use less oil and make sure you keep your radiators free from clothes or furniture if you can so that hot air can circulate around the room more easily. If you feel like you are spending too much on home heating oil, only heat the rooms you are using by turning the radiators off. Just make sure you keep an eye on these rooms for condensation build-up which can lead to damp and mould problems.

Dress for the weather

It might sound obvious, but when it’s cold many people think of turning on the heating before adding another layer of clothing. Spring in Ireland can bring everything from sunshine to hail to even snow, so don’t pack away those winter woollies just yet.

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