Do you know what influences the cost of heating your home?

It’s chilly, and you’ve the heating on. Have you ever sat in your cozy living room and wondered what influences the cost of heating your home? It’s your hard-earned money and you can’t avoid buying home heating oil to keep your and family warm, so knowing what variables affect your heating oil and how long it lasts might help you answer some of those questions.

  • What size is your house? Logic dictates that it costs more to heat a larger house than a smaller one, and a detached house will use more oil to heat it than a terraced house as the houses on either side of a terrace will help to insulate it further and stop the heat from escaping outside to the cold air. Investing in proper insulation is a good way to cut your energy bills by using less heat without having to sacrifice any warmth.
  • How old is the boiler? The best way to reduce the costs of home heating, aside from getting a great deal on cheap home heating oil in Ireland, is to make sure your boiler is energy efficient. Newer boilers can help you save money on heating as they use the fuel more efficiently and there is less waste. If you can’t upgrade your boiler, make sure you get it serviced at least once a year to keep it in good working order.
  • Do you have double glazing? Windows are notorious for leaking heat out your home, so double glazing will help to cut your energy bills by making more efficient use of the oil you’re currently using to heat your home. Double glazed windows should also last for at least 20 years as well so they’re a great investment.
  • How long do you have the heating on for? Obviously having your heating on for longer is one of the biggest influences on the cost of heating your home. If you can’t avoid having the heating on more regularly, try and adjust the thermostat so that it’s only a degree or two colder – if the heating is on for longer you might not notice this big difference and it’s a small change that could reduce the cost of heating your home.
  • How cold is it out there? If it’s snowing hard or blowing a gale, you’ll need to have your heating on higher or for longer to feel the cozy benefits. If you turn your thermostat up during this time, or adjust your timer, remember to change it back after the cold spell passes, otherwise you’ll be paying much more for your home heating oil than you need to.

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