Cost effective ways to heat your home

The chill of winter hasn’t left us yet, and it was only recently the whole of Ireland was hit with snow and freezing temperatures. With February just beginning, and most of us still feeling the pinch in our wallets after the excesses of Christmas, we’ve rounded up the most cost effective ways to heat your home to keep you warm without costing a fortune.

You might have wondered about the debate in the past of whether it’s more efficient to leave your heating on low all the time, or to only have it on when you use it, when it would take additional energy to bring it up to the correct temperature. The answer to this depends on how well insulated your house is, and if you have a poorly insulated house the best thing to do is to only use it when you need it, but to be clever with your thermostat timing and settings. If you have your heating on all the time, you will waste even more energy and money through heat escaping due to limits of insulation and your heating system has to work even harder to maintain the correct temperature.

Instead, use your timer to set your heat to come on before you wake up in the morning so that your house is warm, and make it less of a struggle to get out of bed in the morning! You can also set it for when you normally get home from work, so that you’re instantly cosy when you get in through the door after a long day.

One of the most cost effective ways to heat your home at the moment is with oil heating, rather than natural gas. This is thanks to oil prices being very low, with the prices set to stay low for some time. You can save even more when you order home heating oil with your payment method – while most credit cards have a small additional transaction fee, a debit card lets you buy your home heating oil with no added charges. You can also save money depending on when you want your oil delivered because on certain days of the week, we deliver more oil to certain areas. That helps us save money, and we pass the saving on to you.

Once you’ve got your oil, be clever with it! Use all the tips and tricks in the book to make it last as long as possible, and work most efficiently for you. Keep your thermostat at a steady 21oC, turn off the radiators in rooms you don’t use, don’t hang wet clothes on top of radiators, hang thermal curtains, try to isolate drafts and insulate where you can.

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