Common mistakes you can make heating your home

Heating your home shouldn’t be a complicated task, and yet many of us make silly mistakes when it comes to keeping the inside of our homes a comfortable temperature. Not only are these mistakes easily avoided, but they could be potentially very costly ones – so let’s deal with them now, and ensure you know exactly how to heat your home, and do it for less.

Here are the most common mistakes you can make heating your home, and what you can do about it.

Turning the thermostat up as soon as you come home to a cold house

If you come home and notice your house is cold, try to resist the temptation to crank the thermostat up full, thinking it will heat your home quicker. The thermostat does nothing to control the speed with which your home heats up, it just maintains the temperature at the setting you leave it at, so if it’s up full then you’ll risk wasting a lot of money on home heating oil when you don’t need to.

Instead, try insulating your rooms with thicker curtains, using draught excluders and sealing any gaps around windows and frames to keep the heat in where you need it.

Not programming your thermostat

Your thermostat can be programmed to come on and off exactly when you need it, and it needs to be changed for the winter and summer months as you use more or less heating and hot water. If you are content to just let it stay at the same settings all year round, it is very likely you are wasting money on home heating oil during the summer.

Set your timer to come on and off when you need it, and remember that your daily routine will probably be very different at weekends.

Paying extra for home heating oil when they don’t have to

At we always give our customers a great deal, and we also share extra ways they can save money on their oil top ups. For example, we’ll give you a range of delivery options, and you can pick the most affordable one for you.

Also, we would always recommend that our customers pay by debit card instead of a credit card to avoid transaction fees. Find out more money saving tips here.

Not servicing boiler

Your boiler needs to be serviced annually to keep it safe, but it also needs it to keep it working efficiently. The best way to get the most effective spend from your home heating oil is to keep your boiler in good working condition. This will ensure all vents are clear, all moving parts are in good condition and all flues are clear – all these factors will help you use less oil to heat your home to the required temperature.

Solely relying on home heating oil to do the job

Having your heating switched on isn’t the only way to heat your home, especially during the summer. During the day, make sure you open your curtains and blinds fully to allow the sunlight to heat the space naturally. Make sure you close your curtains every evening though to insulate the room and prevent heat loss through the windows.

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