Common hot water problems and solutions

We’re all a bit guilty of taking our hot water for granted. Cold mornings need hot showers to really wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. Or, alternatively, a hot bath at the end of a hectic day can be just what you need to feel right about the world again. But what happens when you turn the tap on only to find cold or tepid water instead? We know how disruptive this can be to your daily routine, and naturally it’s a problem you want fixed as soon as possible. Here are some common hot water problems and solutions.

No hot water

If you have no hot water at all when you turn your tap on, this could be a result of any number of potential causes:

  • A fault with your boiler – if you have a fault in your boiler, for safety reasons it just switches off so that you can’t use it. If your boiler panel is displaying a fault code or won’t switch on at all, call a heating engineer out to check it. Having your boiler serviced once a year will help to prevent problems from developing as your engineer will check the condition of the moving parts and replace them before they break.
  • No home heating oil: If you rely on home heating oil to heat your water and you’ve run out, you need to arrange for a top up of oil right away. Running out of oil means you won’t have any heating either, so this is a task that needs to be actioned right away. Get a quote for cheap home heating oil on our website in just a few seconds.
  • Airlock in the system: If you’ve moved into a property that has been empty for a while, there may be airlocks in the system which is resulting in a lack of hot water. You may require the services of a plumber to correct this problem by forcing the airlock out.

Low hot water pressure

Many people find that they have great water pressure when the tap is turned to cold, but that it doesn’t maintain this level of pressure when the tap is at the hot setting. If this is your current hot water problem, these could be the potential problems:

  • Leak in the plumbing system: If your hot water is leaking somewhere in the system, naturally you won’t get the full force of the water through your tap. If you suspect a leak in your system, contact a plumber right away before the water can cause any more damage or destruction.
  • Deposit build up in the hot water pipes: Hot water can break down the minerals present in your water, which over time can lead to clogged pipes. If you suspect this to be the problem you will need to have your system flushed by a professional to remove this sludge and build up.
  • Problems with water mains: If your water pressure is low in general, you might need to Irish Water to find out if there are known issues in your area with low water pressure.

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