Cold weather hacks that will change your life

It’s been a very changeable winter so far in Ireland – unseasonably warm one minute and then inches of frost of your car windscreen in the morning in the next minute. It’s impossible to predict what’s coming next, so we thought these clever and cheap cold weather hacks would really help you out next time the mercury plummets. Find out more about ways to beat the cold weather without having to spend a fortune.

Pipe insulation

We’ve always recommended that you insulate your pipes against frost, but your foam pipe insulators can also be used as emergency draught excluders on the bottom of your internal doors. Simply slide the foam over the bottom of the door frame and trim to fit. It can be quickly removed when the weather improves as it’s not that pretty to look at, but on a cold night it could be just the thing for cutting down on those pesky draughts.

Hot water tank

Your hot water tank is often overlooked when it comes to insulation as it’s normally hidden away in a hot press or airing cupboard, but if you insulate this with a water tank jacket it will keep your water warmer for longer, and help you cut down on your heating bills.

Change the direction of your ceiling fan blades

In the summer, having a ceiling fan can be a great way to keep a hot room cooler, but in the winter if you change the direction of your blades and keep the fan on a low setting this can actually help to keep your room warmer. This is because the direction of the blades helps to force the hot air that rises to the ceiling back down into the room, keeping you warmer.

Windscreen cover

When there’s been a heavy frost and your window wipers have frozen to the windscreen, you can risk breaking them off if you turn them on before defrosting the car. It can also take ages to scrape the ice off the screen before it’s safe to drive. Plan ahead – if you know there’s going to be a heavy frost, the night before put a windscreen cover over your car and protect it a bit from the frost. It won’t take as long to thaw out, and you won’t break your wipers in the process either.

Recycle those old woollen jumpers

If you have old jumpers that have shrunk in the wash or perhaps they’ve just seen better days, you don’t have to get rid of them just yet. Cut the cuffs off to make snug boot cuffs to prevent any snow from falling into your boots, and use the rest of the jumper to cut out foot shapes and use these as woolly inserts for your shoes to keep your toes warmer.

Hopefully these cold weather hacks will help you manage when the weather turns nasty, but don’t forget there’s nothing quite like coming home to a warm house, so don’t forget to top up your home heating oil. Get a cheap quote for oil anytime online using our website form, and have it delivered the next day.

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