Clever ways freeze your energy bills this summer

During the warmer months, you’ll typically spend about half what you would do during the winter on your heating and electricity, but with unpredictable weather in Ireland this isn’t always a guarantee. There are some sneaky energy drains in your home which you can control once you know where they are.


Take control of your finances and find clever ways to freeze your energy bills this summer with these simple tips.


  • Insulation: Just because it’s the summer doesn’t mean it can’t get chilly, and insulation will help to keep your home warm year-round if you have the correct type and thickness. Having insulation in place will mean you might not need your home heating on at all over the summer months, allowing you to see big savings on your energy bills. For most people, attic insulation is the easiest way to improve their home insulation but adding a hot water heater jacket will also help to keep your water warmer for longer for showers and baths too.


  • Switch off and unplug your electronics: Leaving devices on standby or plugged in overnight is such a waste of money and electricity, and yet it has such a simple fix! Turn your electronics off and charge your phone when you get home from work rather than leaving it plugged in overnight, where you might also risk damaging the battery.


  • Garden heaters: Spending time in the garden over the summer is one of the nicest ways to enjoy the longer days and brighter evenings but using patio heaters to keep warmer after the sun goes down is an expensive way to heat the outside space, and it’s also not great for the environment. Try cosy throws and solar powered lights dotted around your garden instead for a cheaper and less harmful way to feel warmer outside after hours.


  • Pay for your home heating oil by debit card and avoid transaction fees: If you can budget ahead for your home heating oil, you can take advantage of lower fees and save yourself some money over the space of a year.


  • Dry clothes outside: Good weather means you can dry laundry outdoors and save on electricity and running costs from your tumble dryer. Set up a washing line and a clothes horse to dry more at once.


  • Service your boiler: Having your boiler serviced means it will work more efficiently and keep your energy costs lower. A recently serviced and more efficient boiler will also cost you less in repairs further down the line.


  • Turn the water pressure down: If your water pressure is high, you’ll use more of it and when you use more hot water for showers, baths or dishes, it also costs you more to heat it. By turning the pressure down slightly you can save more and freeze your energy bills this summer.


  • Dishwasher settings: Make sure you rinse your plates before you stack them in the dishwasher, and then you can reduce the need to use the pre-rinse setting which will give you a shorter wash time, and save some money in the process.


We hope these tips help you manage your bills over the summer, and don’t forget to check out all the other ways you can save on your home heating oil bills when you buy from us.

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