Cheap ways to improve the cosiness of your home

It’s coming into that time of year when you can start to feel a nip in the air. The days are getting shorter and pretty soon the tell-tale signs of winter will be on the way (i.e. supermarkets selling mince pies and selection boxes before Halloween has even arrived!) At this time of year most of us choose to stay at home more, whether it’s to avoid the elements outside or because you’ve just made your living space so cosy you can’t bear to leave! If you would like to make your home feel more welcoming this autumn, here are some cheap ways to improve the cosiness of your home that don’t break the bank.

Order home heating oil

The best way to improve the cosiness of your home is to have your heating switched back on. If you are worried about doing this in a way that won’t dent your wallet, then you need a quote from us. Our home heating oil is guaranteed to be great value, and wherever we can we pass on savings to you. So, no excuses now – get the heating on!

Add weather stripping to your doors and windows

Check your seals aren’t broken around windows, which will cause draughts. If you need to replace these do, and while you’re at it you can also add weather stripping around any windows or doors which have gaps or wherever you feel a draught.

Increase the temperature of your thermostat a bit

Did you turn your thermostat down over the summer? If so, it’s time to increase the temperature back up to the recommended winter settings again. Even 1 or 2 degrees will be enough for you to feel a difference.

Add more blankets to chairs and sofas

Adding cosy blankets to the backs of sofas and armchairs is an easy way to add more cosiness to your home, and these blankets can be picked up quite cheaply. Opt for fleecy or fluffy fabrics to make the space feel cosy.

Switch your summer duvet for a heavier one

Bedtime in the winter can be made so much better by adding thicker blankets and duvets to your bed. The higher the tog rating the warmer your duvet will be, so opt for 13.5 tog rating or higher when choosing a new winter duvet.

Add an electric blanket

Many people think the cost of an electric blanket (and the running costs) make it too expensive to heat your bed up on a cold winter’s night, but it only costs a few pence to run, and you only need to have it switched on 20 minutes or so before you plan to get into bed to really feel the difference. Why not give it a go?  

Candles instantly add warmth

Candles placed strategically around your room can add an instant warmth and cosy glow, and they are one of the least expensive ways to add a cosy feel to your home.

Layer rugs

If you have carpet at home you can still layer rugs on top to add even more cosiness. They’re especially important around the bed as you can’t expect anyone to want to jump out of bed on a cold winter’s morning only to have their toes touch the freezing cold floor!

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