Cheap ways to insulate your home this autumn

Autumn is here in its full colour and with it comes colder weather and darker nights. But, did you know that as the temperature drops, the demand for heating oil increases and thus heating oil prices go up too?

It is still possible to avoid higher heating bills by following a number of handy and cheap tips to keep your home better insulated this autumn and help take the chill out of the weather.

1. Use a draft excluder

You can help reduce draft in your home by buying or making a draft excluder to put under your window or door

2. Let the sun in

Curtains are designed to keep heat inside a room. By keeping them open during the day you will actually help absorb the sunlight. You should never stop the natural light from entering your home.
To get the most benefits, make sure you close them as it starts to get dark, to keep the heat from the sun inside.

3. Bleed your radiators

Make sure your radiators are working fully first. Having not used them over the summer months it is likely that they may not all be heating up properly throughout your house. Bleeding a radiator is simple, just look up some YouTube videos on how to bleed a radiator.

4. Using foil behind your radiator

This is a clever tip – radiator reflector foil (or ordinary tin foil, although less effective) helps reduce heat loss by reflecting heat back into the room.

5. Insulate your pipes

It is not just radiators that suffer in the autumn/winter months, but also your pipes. Use lagging to insulate. You can buy lagging that can be cut to fit from any hardware or DIY stores.

6. Check out your curtains

Making sure your curtains are lined will make a huge difference. By putting a thicker curtain material between your window and room you can help prevent the cold air coming through your windows.

7. Allow space around your radiators

Make sure you move your larger, heavier furniture so it isn’t in front of your radiator. You’ll soon feel the difference!

8. Cover your floor

Did you know that your home also loses heat through the floor? By simply adding in a woolly rug you will notice a massive difference.

By following the tips above and being clever with your heating this autumn and winter, your home will stay warmer longer.

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