Cheap ways to insulate your home this winter

Not everyone has the money to make costly home improvements to fix issues with draughts and insulation, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

In this new post, we’ll share some cheap ways to insulate your home this winter, with temporary solutions which don’t cost the earth, and which you can remove easily should you need to (for example, if you are renting a property). Read on to find some clever ways to keep you and your home warmer this winter.


Thermal curtains

Curtains can add a lot of warmth to your room very easily, as long as they are thermal curtains which are designed to be thicker, and more insulting. Add these curtains to your living room and bedrooms to feel an immediate difference. Best of all, there’s lots of styles and colours available so you don’t have to sacrifice style over comfort – you can have both.


Thicker duvets

Adding extra blankets to the bed or adding a thicker duvet will help your bedroom feel cosier, and keep you warmer while you sleep. It won’t necessarily improve the insulation of your home, but by keeping you warmer it could reduce the amount of time you need your heating on for, thus saving you money on home heating oil.


Thick area rugs

Keep toes toasty by adding thick rugs to your floors, and you can instantly reduce the amount of draughts from the floor. Important point to note – underfloor heating is a great addition to your home, so if you have this, don’t block the heating by adding a rug.


Draught excluder along the doors

Gaps under your doors? These are prime suspects for making your room feel cold. Thankfully, you don’t need to replace the whole door to counter this annoyance – simply add a draught excluder along the bottom of the door to banish draughts instantly.


Reflective foil panels behind the radiator

This might seem like an old wives’ tale, but adding a reflective panel behind your radiator can redirect the heat back into your room, instead of letting it drift up and out the window. They aren’t the most attractive addition to your home however, but as they can easily be added and removed as needed you don’t have to have them in place should you have guests over.


Removing clothes from the radiators

While we’re on the topic of radiators, make sure you’re not using yours as an extension of your clothes horse – draping wet clothes over the radiators will do nothing to heat your rooms, and may just result in a build-up of condensation.


Window insulation film

If your windows lack any extra glazing, you can add this yourself very easily and cost effectively using a window insulation kit, which reduces thermal heat loss and draughts. This film is applied over your window and is used to prevent heat loss. It can easily be peeled off in the summer when you no longer need it, or should you be renting a property and can’t make any changes like replacing windows for double glazed versions.

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