5 Ways to Slash Your Home Heating Bills This Winter

Winter is definitely here, bringing with it the typical Irish cold, wet weather. During this time of the year, people are likely to switch the heating on more often. It’s no surprise that running the heating on high non-stop pushes the cost sky high, but there’s no need to go broke staying warm! Almost 50% … Continued

6 Top Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Save Money

Winter is almost here meaning it’s time to get out the big jumpers, enjoy plenty of hot drinks and turn the heating up! The change in weather means that most people need to make a few changes in their home to stop the heat from escaping and overspending. Here are 6 top tips to keep … Continued

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Heating at Home

As the colder weather starts to kick in, it is very easy to turn up the heating and hope for the best, however, this may result in a massive energy bill. While you won’t be able to avoid turning the heat on during the winter months, you should ensure that you are in control of … Continued

5 Easy Money-Saving Tips For Students

Going to university can be an exciting, yet daunting experience, especially if you choose to live away from home. For many, it is likely to be their first time living away from home however, with all this new independence comes responsibility, particularly when it comes to managing money. While it may be tempting to spend … Continued

5 Ways To Freeze Your Energy Bills

While household energy bills are unavoidable, they can sometimes be an unnecessarily high expense each month as many people become complacent and forget to use energy saving methods throughout their home. For many people, making a number of small changes will allow them to reduce their energy usage and keep spending to a minimum. Although … Continued

How to Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

During the summer months, as temperatures start to rise and the sun gets stronger, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be a challenge. The summer season is a time to be enjoyed in and out of the home, so having a selection of ideas on how to keep those hot days at bay … Continued

Is Your Boiler Costing You Money?

Running a household can be expensive, so it is important to save money where you can. There are lots of little ways that you can save money such as switching off appliances rather than putting them on standby or reducing the temperature on your washing machine. You may have made these changes but notice that … Continued

3 Super Saver Reasons to Buy Your Oil This Summer

Summer is nearly here, hopefully bringing plenty of sunshine and heat with it! We know that at this time of year, the last thing you want to think about are the colder autumn and winter months but if you want to save money, now is the time to prepare for it! Buying fuel in the … Continued

5 Easy Tips On How To Maintain Your Oil Tank

Your oil tank plays an integral part in keeping your home heating oil secure and your home warm. It is therefore vital to care for it and make sure it is performing at its optimum. As many oil tanks are hidden away, they are, as a result, out of sight meaning they are also out … Continued

6 Advantages of using heating oil as your fuel choice

When it comes to deciding which heating system to use for your home or business, the choice is becoming easier all the time. Heating oil is safe, it is cost effective, and it is evolving into the most environmentally responsible fuel available. Super Saver Oil will put your mind at rest with this list of … Continued