Budgeting for home heating oil at Christmas

Need some help managing the extra expense of Christmas this year? We know this can be an expensive time of year for families, and with Christmas just around the corner, it can feel like you’re just handing over money left, right and centre. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get a few extra budgeting tips so that you can still afford the essential things, like home heating oil?

We thought so too, which is why we pulled together this useful list for helping you save some money this season. With these savings tips it’ll be even easier to budget for home heating oil this Christmas.

Other bills at Christmas

Bills are unavoidable, but you can make them more manageable with a flexible budget. What are you planning to spend this Christmas on gifts, decorations, entertaining and food? Look at what you already have set aside, what you can realistically save and can afford and work out your budget from there. Set spending limits for each category and if you save money in one area, move the saving into another area so that you can spend a little extra. Take advantage of offers and deals and be very strict with yourself.

Make a list

One of the easiest ways to save is to make a list and stick to it, and try not to be tempted by those offers and deals as you do your Christmas shopping. We’re all guilty of those ‘just in case’ types of presents and stocking up on food for Christmas, but what this normally results in is gifts that end up being donated to a tombola and a lot of overeating! Take some inspiration from Santa and make a list and check it twice – do you really need everything on it?

Cut your other energy bills

 It’s no surprise that heating and electricity costs go up at Christmas – all those twinkly lights, new tech under the tree waiting to be used and of course with everyone at home more often your heating needs to be on for longer. See where you can make savings with your other energy bills to free up some of your budget for heating oil tops ups when the colder weather hits. Turn off lights unless you’re at home, never leave your tech plugged into charge overnight, and make use of loyalty points you’ve saved up at your favourite stores including supermarkets to make more savings on gifts and food.

 Shop second hand

Second hand shops and charity shops are often a great place to start for Christmas decorations, although some people draw the line at buying presents from them. You might still find a classic board game inside though that would be great for a family night over the festive period.


Get crafty and save yourself a fortune, with handmade gifts, decorations and even gifts of food. Your recipients will appreciate how much effort you put in, and the reality is it often costs you much less than buying store bought. It’s the perfect opportunity the get the kids involved too, and you can easily spend a few weekends together making things instead of squabbling over the TV.

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