Broken down boiler? Here’s what you should do

When your boiler breaks, it’s a severe disruption to your home and can be more than an inconvenience – it can mean costly repairs or replacements too. Initially, your first thought might be to panic – how on earth can you fix a broken boiler?

This post explains in simple terms what to do if your boiler breaks to ensure your home stays safe and you get the best possible solution for the best price.

Call an engineer

If your boiler breaks, do not attempt to fix it yourself. It is a complicated piece of equipment and any work carried out on it must be done so by a trained and registered engineer. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could be extremely dangerous.

The first thing you should do is switch it off and call an engineer. Have the make and model number handy, as well as a brief description of the fault. If your boiler screen shows a fault code, check this against the manual and report it also. All this information gives your engineer more to work with and can help assess and solve the problem sooner.

Your engineer will assess the boiler and examine any moving parts which may have become worn or damaged and advise you on what the best solution for you is.

Find alternative ways to heat your home or your water

Until your boiler is working again you’ll have to find alternative ways to stay warm. Using your immersion heater to heat water temporarily for a bath or shower is an easy fix, but remember to switch it off when you don’t use it otherwise you’ll see a huge increase in your electricity bills.

An electric blow heater or a portable heater can be used to heat rooms you use daily which are cold without heating. Wrapping up with extra layers or using a hot water bottle at the end of your bed can also help to keep you warm until your boiler is fixed again.

Check your house insurance

If your boiler breakdown has resulted in costly repairs or a full replacement, check your home insurance policy to see if this equipment is covered under it to help you cover the costs. A new boiler plus labour could be in and around the region of €2000, so this is a sizeable amount if you haven’t planned or budgeted for it.

If you’re worried about covering this cost should the worst happen to your boiler, why not consider boiler insurance to protect it and provide some peace of mind?

Use home heating oil additives

Did you know that home heating oil additives can be used to improve the efficiency of your heating system, by reducing sludge build up in your tank and fuel lines? When these become clogged it can lead to all sorts of problems for your boiler, so prevention is better than cure in this case, and a single bottle of home heating oil additives will be all you need to treat your whole oil tank.

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