The best ways to use your home heating oil for maximum benefit

Now that you’ve got your home heating oil topped up, how do you make the most of it? We always want to help our customers make more of their oil, so we’ve collected the best ways to use your home heating oil for maximum benefit to you and your family. Read on for a few tips on the best ways to do everything, from heating your home to the best time to get your home heating oil delivered for maximum benefit.

The best way to heat your whole home

This ultimately depends on a few factors – how many rooms you have, and how many are occupied, what the current temperature is outside and how it is influencing the comfort indoors, your thermostat and the radiator temperature settings. The best way to use your home heating oil for maximum benefit is to heat the rooms you live in, instead of wasting it on empty rooms. You should also adjust your thermostat in the summer and winter to reflect the changing temperature outside, so that you don’t waste heating when you don’t need it.

The best way to be energy efficient

Energy efficiency with your home heating oil will help save you money in the long term, so think about things that could help you make more of your oil – insulate where you can to keep more of the heating inside your home where it belongs, isolate and repair draughts, program your thermostat so that your heating is only on when you need it and have your boiler serviced so that your oil is combusted in the most efficient way to produce heating.

The best way to be cost effective

Getting a good deal on your home heating oil is easy when you contact We make sure to sell quality oil and very competitive prices, and when the price of oil fluctuates and falls, we drop our prices too. You can also save money by paying with your debit card and not a credit card (as this incurs a transaction fee) and if you’re sensible and plan your delivery ahead you can choose our super saver delivery option so you don’t pay more than you need to for it to be delivered to your home. You can also save by ordering a larger amount at one time for a lower cost per unit.

The best way to improve your home heating oil

If you haven’t been using home heating oil additives, perhaps now is the time to start. This simple addition to your oil tank can have huge benefits, like improving the efficiency of your boiler, cleaning out any sludge or build up in your fuel lines, providing a cleaner burn and making your oil more stable by adding antioxidants. You can buy a bottle of additives for around €20 which can be used for up to 900 litres of oil – a small price to pay to get maximum benefit from your home heating oil.

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