Back to school savings for every homeowner

The list of ‘back to school’ essentials seems to get longer and more expensive every year, and when you have more than one child at school it can easily be twice as expensive. Recently it was reported in the news that school costs parents €1000 per child annually, with the majority of this being spent on extracurricular activities and uniforms. From new school shoes, to uniforms to the staggering amount of stationery required, finding ways to save money is an absolute must. Because we know just how expensive it can be, here’s a few helpful tips from us on back to school savings for every homeowner to take advantage of.

Meal prep

School meals are expensive, and if you can save money by making your own then why not give it a go? With so many meal prepping ideas out there you can even make a few days worth in advance so save yourself some time in the morning. Get some plastic tubs and freezer food bags of various sizes so that you can prep fruits and vegetables for snacks in one go, and keep them fresh until you’re ready to use them. Cooking a big pot of pasta once means you can make lunches for a few days from it. Here are some other easy and delicious ideas for lunch that you can make in advance, which will help you save time and money when the kids go back to school.

Save on other home essentials

When you’re spending money on things you need at home, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. This goes for everything from utilities to groceries so make sure you take advantage of offers, discount codes and vouchers if you have them (and don’t forget reward points at your local supermarket really do add up). When it comes to home heating oil, you can be sure that you’ll never pay over the top when you buy from us – we keep our prices low so you get maximum savings. Get a quote online now in less than 2 minutes using our handy online form.

Cashback sites

Get money back on the things you buy online – sounds easy, and it is. You can save money on the things you would have bought anyway – in some cases the rewards are instant, and in other cases (like bigger purchases or finance related products) you will receive the money back within a few months. Check out popular sites like and to see where you could start seeing instant rewards. It’s money better off in your pocket.

Shop with a list (and do inventory first)

The back to school list needs to be just that – a list. You should stick to the list and only buy what you need, and it helps if you can do a quick sweep of last year’s items so that you know that you already have lots of pencils left over and somehow have ended up with 4 rulers, so that you don’t end up duplicating and wasting money.

Buy more in the sales

Many retailers will cater to early birds who like to get school uniforms bought early to get ahead, and so they’ll offer great value during the summer months for those essentials. Take advantage of these offers and buy in bulk – a couple of extra polo shirts and a few spare jumpers in one size bigger than you need will ensure they fit until the end of term (it is true what your mum used to say – you will grow into it!)

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