Avoid paying more than you have to for heating this winter

Cold winters often mean higher fuel bills, but when you’re trying to stick to a budget you might need some help in finding ways to save money on essential household bills. If you’re worried about reigning in costs and avoiding paying more than you have to for heating this winter, here are some simple tips from the Super Saver Oil team to help you manage.


Planning ahead with your finances is quite a skill to master, and it’s one that most of us need some help with. The best and easiest way to start saving on your bills and avoiding paying more than you have to is by setting a budget and sticking to it. If you know you’ll need money to pay for your next home heating oil delivery, take a look at your expenses now and see where you can start saving.

Economies of scale

Buy more, save more – it’s a simple concept and one which will help you avoid paying more than you have to for heating this winter. If you have capacity in your oil tank, ordering a larger amount of oil now will benefit you by being a lower cost per litre, and as it doesn’t go off there’s no reason to worry about your fuel deteriorating in your tank if you don’t plan to use it straight away. One thing we would advise however is that you take steps to protect your home heating oil, with a secure tank lock or alarm fitted to alert you to fuel theft.

Super Saver delivery

Planning ahead and keeping an eye on your home heating oil usage could save you money. How? By being well prepared before you completely run out of oil. Ordering your home heating oil top up a week in advance allows you to benefit from a tiny delivery charge (or in some cases, there may not even be a charge at all), however if you run out of oil unexpectedly and need a quick delivery, you could end up paying more for this service. Why pay more for home heating oil when you don’t need to?

Payment methods

Paying for your oil delivery by credit card? You could be subject to additional transaction charges which are easily avoided if you paid instead by debit card. Worried about not having enough money in your debit card account? See previous notes on budgeting and planning ahead for best value!

Boiler serviced

Your heating oil is just one part of your home heating system, with the other crucial element being your boiler. Your boiler efficiency is important to the overall value you get from your heating oil spend, as a newer, more efficient boiler will convert your oil more cost effectively and you’ll see better value for money. An older boiler will not be as efficient, and therefore it will cost you more to see the same return.

Thermostat and timer control

Be clever about when you set your heating to come on and off, and at what temperature, to avoid paying more than you have to this winter on your home heating oil. A comfortable temperature for a living room is around 21oC but if you try lowering your thermostat from its current setting by just 1 degree at a time until you get to this temperature, you’ll save money and home heating oil in the process without feeling too much of a temperature change.

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