3 Tips To Keep Heating Costs Down

Heating oil prices can really cause a pinch on your household budget, but there are ways you can keep heating costs down. Have a look at Super Saver Oil’s top 3 money saving tips and guidelines on when to buy oil. 1. Adjust your thermostat Almost half the money spent on energy bills is consumed … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Your Heating Oil

A heating oil storage tank plays an important role in being able to safely and securely store your heating oil to heat your home. If you have a domestic oil tank you should read the following five things you need to know about your home heating oil tank with guidelines to ensure it is working … Continued

7 easy ways to save money on heating oil this winter

Winter is well on its way and the forecasts suggest it is going to be a cold one so ensuring you are prepared is vital. Simply by making a few winter preparations and small changes around the house, you could see a reduction in energy usage, which will reduce the frequency of heating oil top-ups … Continued

5 tips on being more fuel efficient in your home

With fuel prices on the rise and winter well on its way, being energy efficient is more important than ever. The truth is, people want to do everything they can to conserve energy, not only to help them save money but because it is better for the environment. More and more people are looking to … Continued

Top 8 home heating hacks to help you save money this winter

We all know that keeping your home feeling warm and cosy isn’t cheap. But did you know that heating homes accounts for over 70% of household energy consumption? So how can you save money in the winter without freezing? Here are our top 8 hacks that will help you save money this winter and some … Continued

Cheap ways to insulate your home this autumn

Autumn is here in its full colour and with it comes colder weather and darker nights. But, did you know that as the temperature drops, the demand for heating oil increases and thus heating oil prices go up too? It is still possible to avoid higher heating bills by following a number of handy and … Continued

5 Benefits of Using Home Heating Oil Additives

What Are Heating Oil Additives? Heating oil additives are absolutely something to consider if oil is your main source of heat in your home. Heating oil additives are a mix of ingredients including antioxidants, detergents and fuel stabilisers that enhance the efficiency of your oil. Think of it like a kind of antifreeze for your … Continued

Make your home heating oil last with these tips

Summer time normally means you give very little thought to your heating and yours fuel bills – and thanks to the summer heatwave we’ve experienced, most of us haven’t had to switch our heating on for weeks. Whilst it’s great to enjoy the weather and save a little bit on your home heating oil bill … Continued

Do you do these everyday habits which are costing you money?

Bad habits are hard to break, but if you stick at it you can transform those negative habits into better ones, and in the process you might find that not only are these changed ways better for you, but they could be better for your budget too. There are so many ways you could be … Continued

Saving money on your fuel bill in 5 easy steps

Looking for ways to save money on your next home heating oil bill? You’ve come to the right place! At SuperSaverOil.ie we know that our customers appreciate our great quality home heating oil, our reliable service and our friendly team, but most of all they love knowing that they’re getting a fantastic deal too. If … Continued