6 Advantages of using heating oil as your fuel choice

When it comes to deciding which heating system to use for your home or business, the choice is becoming easier all the time. Heating oil is safe, it is cost effective, and it is evolving into the most environmentally responsible fuel available. Super Saver Oil will put your mind at rest with this list of just a few advantages of using heating oil as your fuel choice for keeping your home or business warm.

  1. Safety

Unlike other fuels, oil heat is not flammable and is non-explosive, therefore reducing risks. An exposed flame from a gas system can lead to significant damage or even health risks, whereas if you use an oil-based system it is much safer and does not have the same level of risk associated with it. Another advantage to using an oil-based system is that a leak or spill will not produce fumes lethal to those breathing them in. Properly maintained heating systems will not leave odours. The risk of using gas, in contrast, is that it can form invisible fumes which can be difficult or even impossible to detect. In contrast, any problems with an oil-based system can be identified easily and quickly, meaning that you can rectify any problems which arise immediately.

  1. Efficiency

Recent statistics show that using a modern oil-heating boiler can save up to 90% energy. Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas and as a result will heat your homes and businesses much more quickly. on. Additionally, the storage tanks, where your heating oil will be kept, can also last for a very long time, adding to the overall efficiency of this fuel choice.

  1. Cost

Cost is one of the main factors which home buyers take into consideration when it comes to heating their home and business. Heating oil prices can vary from day to day but this can be an advantage to you as you have the option to buy oil when you are content with the price. Interestingly, heating oil is one of the only fuels that has dropped in price over the past three years, compared to other sources and along with the superb efficiency of the system, those who use oil in their home or business central heating system tend to get much more value for money, causing them to spend less over time than they would using gas or electricity.

  1. Green

A properly maintained heating oil system burns cleanly, keeping soot inside the tank and resulting in almost zero emissions. In fact, the emissions from heating oil are so low that by using oil as your fuel choice for your home or business you are also reducing its carbon footprint. Oil continues to become greener all the time. New scientific advances are combining lower sulfur oil blends with biofuels to create one of the cleanest, greenest existing fuels.

  1. Benefits of a regular supplier

Some people may be happy to buy from a different supplier for each delivery they order. However, there are often more benefits if you purchase your oil on a regular basis from one supplier. Many suppliers offer different services to help you manage the cost of your deliveries. Super Saver Oil offer their “Super service”. Simply order online 24/7 from wherever you are. You don’t even have to be there for delivery – the driver just needs access to your tank. Supersaver’s ordering system is totally secure. They don’t store your credit card details. All transactions are processed by Realex Payments, a recognised industry leader in secure payments.

  1. You own the tank

Another benefit of heating oil is that once your oil tank is purchased it is usually covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty but always double check this with your tank supplier before purchasing your tank. With other types of home heating fuels like LPG gas, the tank is usually rented from the LPG supplier. Additionally, most heating oil tanks are now ‘bunded’. This means effectively, that the tank is ‘a tank within a tank’, making it more secure and reducing the risk of an oil spillage.

More and more people are realising the benefits of choosing heating oil as their fuel of choice. Contact us at Super Saver Oil to talk to one of our experienced team about the benefits of installing an oil-based system in your home or business.

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