5 Ways to Slash Your Home Heating Bills This Winter

Winter is definitely here, bringing with it the typical Irish cold, wet weather. During this time of the year, people are likely to switch the heating on more often. It’s no surprise that running the heating on high non-stop pushes the cost sky high, but there’s no need to go broke staying warm!

Almost 50% of energy used in homes goes on heating and so, it’s important to look at ways that you can conserve heat and save on your bills. Here are 5 SuperSaver tips to reduce your heating bills this winter.

  1. Set Your Thermostat at a Lower Temperature

Most people will set their thermostat and forget to adjust it however, this is a great way to reduce unnecessary fuel usage. In fact, lowering the temperature by only 1ºC could reduce your home heating bill by up to 10%.

As the weather gets colder, you may be tempted to turn up the thermostat, but this actually won’t heat your house up any faster! You might also want to consider using a programmable thermostat as this will make temperature regulation easier and help you save money!

  1. Shut the Doors

Growing up, most of us were told by our parents to shut the door to keep the heat in. We hate to tell you that your parents were right, but this is definitely something you should attempt to do this winter. If the room isn’t being used, there is no point heating it. Also, keeping the door shut will help to increase the temperature of the room as the heat won’t be able to escape.

  1. Not Using Your Chimney? Seal It.

If you have an open fire, you will probably make the most out of it over the winter months. However, when it is not in use, you should ensure that you close the chimney flue as leaving it open will let the warm air escape and cold air in! You wouldn’t leave your window open when it is cold outside, so don’t do the same with the chimney flue as you may end up spending more energy trying to keep the house warm.

  1. Use a Heating Timer

Most home heating systems have a timer system, allowing you to switch off your heating when you don’t need it on. This can help you manage how much heating you are using each day. You should set the heating to come on half an hour before you get up and again, half an hour before you go to bed. Also, be sure to turn it off when you are out of the house and save your heat for when you are at home.

  1. Invest in Draught Excluders

Finally, you should consider investing in draught excluders to insulate your home. In uninsulated homes, approximately 1/3 of heat escapes through the walls, while 1/4 is lost through the roof! It can be expensive to insulate your entire home, why not start by draught proofing your windows and doors to stop heat escaping. Draught-proofing products such as draught excluders and silicone skirting board sealant are available in most DIY stores and are a quick way to reduce your heating bills this winter.

At Super Saver Oil, we know how important it is to keep your heating bills as low as possible during this expensive time of year. We believe that making these small changes will help you save a few Euros this Winter! For more super saver tips, click here.

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