5 ways to make your home heating oil last longer

We’re all looking for ways to economise without completely getting rid of our home comforts, and one area where it’s actually pretty easy to do this is with your home heating oil. A few small changes are all it takes to make your heating oil last longer and allows you to get more value for money from your spend. Interested in finding out more? Here are 5 ways to make your home heating oil last longer without sacrificing any warmth at home.

  1. Use your timer

Have you been guilty of switching the heating on and forgetting about it? More than once we bet you’ve woken in the middle of the night wondering why you’re so warm, and it’s all down to forgetfulness on your part. This is such a waste of money and home heating oil, but the solution is easy – just use your timer – it’s there for a reason, and will immediately help you make your heating oil last longer. Be smart about when you have your timer on for – half an hour before your alarm goes off in the morning is plenty of time to heat the house before you get up, and if you know you come home from work around the same time every day then use your timer for this too. Schedule it for different times at the weekends too to really make it work around your schedule.

  1. Adjust the thermostat

It’s always tempting to inch the thermostat up a few degrees when it’s cold out, but that won’t help your room heat up any quicker, and all it does is use more home heating oil in the long run. Check the temperature settings are correct and don’t forget to adjust the individual radiator thermostats too – turn them down for areas like the hall and spare bedroom as these spaces are parts of your home that you don’t need to waste money heating.

  1. Don’t heat empty rooms

Are you heating a home office that you don’t use? What about a spare bedroom that gets used once a year at Christmas when you have family over? Why waste home heating oil heating empty rooms? Turn the radiators off in here unless it’s very cold weather or these rooms get musty for an easy way to make your home heating oil last longer.

  1. Insulate

You can make your home heating oil work more efficiently by keeping the warmth in your home instead of letting it escape by having poor insulation. Top up attic insulation to see instant improvements in the comfort levels of your home, and check for any gaps along windowsills and door frames and seal these. You can then make your heating oil last longer by having it on for shorter periods of time without compromising on the level of warmth in your home.

  1. Rearrange your furniture

Want to make your home heating oil last longer? The answer could lie in how your furniture is spaced around your room. If you have sofas or beds blocking radiators, the hot air can’t circulate as freely and will cause you to waste home heating oil as you have your heating on for longer to bring the room to the temperature set by your thermostat. Try rearranging the furniture in your room, or at least move it a few inches from the walls.

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