5 Ways To Freeze Your Energy Bills

While household energy bills are unavoidable, they can sometimes be an unnecessarily high expense each month as many people become complacent and forget to use energy saving methods throughout their home. For many people, making a number of small changes will allow them to reduce their energy usage and keep spending to a minimum.

Although the individual savings may be small, when coupled with other changes for a prolonged period of time, they can become quite substantial.  Here are 5 ways to increase your home efficiency and freeze your energy bills year-round:

  1. LED lighting

If your household mainly uses incandescent or halogen bulbs, you should consider changing to LED lights as there are savings to be made. Lighting tends to account for 10-20% of your household energy bill and as LEDs typically use 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs, making the switch could give you significant energy savings.

Additionally, LED bulbs typically last up to 10x longer than regular bulbs meaning you will make even more savings when you switch!

  1. Love Your BBQ

While you may think your barbecue should be put away at the end of summer, autumn can also be a great time of the year to do some grilling! In addition to being a fantastic way to get the family together for a catch up, it will also help you cut your energy bills.

By not using the oven and cooker, you will use less electricity and have less cleaning to do in the kitchen – it’s a win-win!

  1. Shower Savings

Heating water in your home can make up a sizeable portion of your energy bills. By turning down the temperature of your water heater, you can reduce your monthly bills without sacrificing hot water needed for washing or bathing. You can help make your showers even more efficient by switching to a shower head to use less water.

Additionally, don’t leave the hot tap running in the kitchen or bathroom as you essentially pouring water and money down the drain!

  1. Ditch The Dryer

Although the Irish weather may not always be guaranteed, there will be times when it is sunny and dry. When this is the case, you should definitely make the most of it and dry your clothes outside! Not only will you save energy, but you will be safer. Drying clothes indoors has been proven to be a serious contributor to breathing difficulties as it can raise moisture levels by up to 30%.

  1. Turn Off Devices

Finally, if you’re planning on spending a day out of the house before school starts again, make sure to keep your devices turned off rather than leaving them on standby. On average appliances use 20% of electricity when they are on standby so it makes sense to turn them off when you aren’t at home.

While many households tend to keep electronics on standby for convenience, there really is no point in doing this as it is a waste of money and energy. Next time you head out to work or for a day out with the family, why not make a point of turning off all unnecessary devices and see how much you can save.

At Super Saver, we believe that if you follow our five top tips you will be able to reduce your energy usage and freeze your monthly energy bills. Remember, over the course of a year, making even small changes can lead to substantial savings. For more Super Saver tips, click here.

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