5 must-have resources to heat your house for less

Are you trying to find ways to heat your house for less? We’re not talking about making changes that require massive investment on your part, but using some common, and not so common, resources to help you save money. When you’re trying to heat your house for less, there are some resources that you should use to their full potential to help you cut those bills and see some serious savings. Here are the 5 must-have resources to heat your house for less, which won’t cost a fortune and will help you feel the difference in your home during the colder weather.


  1. Insulation

No matter where you decide to get it, insulation is a good idea. Check your home for potential places to incorporate it or where it might need updated or replaced – attic or roof insulation is the most common and easiest to install with minimal fuss, but deteriorates over time so that it becomes less effective. Wall insulation costs more and requires the services of a professional to make sure it’s installed correctly, but for older houses it could be just the thing for helping you stay warmer for longer and cut down on those heating bills. Don’t forget about floor insulation too, although if you have wooden floors at home make sure you cover them with area rugs to act as insulation from any draughts too.


  1. Draught excluders

Home-made draught excluders cost next to nothing, and will quickly help you identify those cold spots so you can fix them and heat your house for less in the process. The main culprits tend to be under the windowsill, the letter box and keyholes in the front and back doors. Fix your draught-spots to see immediate improvements, whether it’s caulking under the windowsills, switching to a wall mounted post box, or adding some felt draught excluders to the bottom of your doors.


  1. Thermal curtains

Combine style with practicality when it comes to your décor with thermal curtains. These are thicker, specially designed curtains to keep more heat in your room instead of escaping out the window, and they also block draughts from around windows too. There are so many colours, patterns and styles available that you won’t have to sacrifice any of your own design tastes to incorporate these easily into your home.


  1. Radiator reflectors

The concept of adding foil behind your radiators is not a new one, but sometimes the old ways are the best! This works because the reflective surface actually helps to reflect more heat from the radiator back out into the room, instead of rising up towards the ceiling where it will be of little benefit to you. Obviously, it only works when your radiators aren’t being used to dry clothes, so don’t hang wet washing over them and wonder why you still feel cold.


  1. Great deal on home heating oil

Finally, the most important must-have resource to heat your house for less is cheap home heating oil, which our team at SuperSaverOil.ie can happily provide. We’ll make sure you get great value, great quality oil any time you need it. Just use our easy online quote form to find out how little it costs to top up your oil tank and start heating your house for less.

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