5 mistakes that are causing you to waste energy at home

Everyone wants a great deal on their home heating oil – after all, where would you be without it? What is most frustrating though is that once you get it, there are so many ways it can be wasted and that’s just heart-breaking. Get the most from your heating oil spend by recognising these 5 mistakes that are causing you to waste energy at home, and then do something about it.

Mistake # 1 Not programming your thermostat

Make friends with your thermostat and learn how to use it – it will be your new weapon against wasting energy at home. Setting your thermostat to come on and off during the day when you need it will make life so much easier for you – not to mention more efficient. Aim to have it come on half an hour before you wake up and half an hour before you get in from work.

Mistake # 2 Heating rooms you don’t use

What’s the sense in wasting your home heating oil warming up the spare room when there’s been no one in it since Christmas? If you’re still heating unused rooms in your house during the spring, it’s time to stop now. The weather has turned a bit warmer in Ireland which means that these rooms that aren’t used daily can heat up naturally using the sunlight and warmer outside temperatures, saving you fuel in the process so that it can be redirected the places that it’s really needed.

Mistake # 3 Leaving appliances plugged in

We’re all guilty of leaving our phone or laptop on the charger longer than we need to, but this is a sure fire way to waste energy at home without even thinking about it. Think of all those other appliances you have plugged in that aren’t being used – the TV on standby, the microwave, games consoles – and those are just the start. Money you save by turning off things you don’t need could go towards saving you even more money on your home heating oil.

Mistake # 4 Leaving the curtains closed

Remember those thick thermal curtains you hung up when the weather got cold? Well, now leaving them closed all day could be actually be wasting energy at home. Open up those curtains every morning and let the sunlight stream in (we have to make the most of it while we can!) Not only does it do your own health good, but the warmth from the sun’s rays help to heat the room naturally, so you don’t need to use your oil heating to do the job instead.

Mistake # 5 Lighting up the house

Leaving lights on in rooms you aren’t actually in is a massive waste of energy – so it’s time to break the habit. If you turn it on, turn it off again. This is something the whole family needs to get used to, but once you’re in the habit of doing it, it will become second nature and you’ll stop wasting so much energy at home.

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