5 Benefits of Using Home Heating Oil Additives

What Are Heating Oil Additives?

Heating oil additives are absolutely something to consider if oil is your main source of heat in your home. Heating oil additives are a mix of ingredients including antioxidants, detergents and fuel stabilisers that enhance the efficiency of your oil.

Think of it like a kind of antifreeze for your oil tank. They function to improve the life and quality of not only the tank, but also the oil it contains. By using heating oil additives, the quality of the tank and the process of regularly burning oil becomes more efficient, reducing costs for you in both repairs and bills.

With this in mind, we’re going into detail on 5 of the benefits you can reap from using heating oil additives.

Types of Heating Oil Additives

  • Heating Oil Stabilisers – strengthens the oil against environmental factors: EG: hot/cold weather, etc
  • Surfactants – consistently cleans the fuel delivery lines and any compacted sludge from the bottom of the tank
  • Biocides – prevents the growth of bacteria in the tank
  • Water Controllers – controls the level of water condensation within the tank

The Benefits of Heating Oil Additives

1. Reduction of Sludge Creation

Over time, the consistency of your oil can change when in the tank, whether it be due to stagnation, weather conditions, or multiple other factors. This can result in a change in the texture of the oil, resulting in gelling, freezing or a sludge-like appearance.

By using an additive in your oil, you can reduce the risk of these changes and have more efficient and functional oil usage.

2. A Cleaner Oil Burn

There’s always a chance of bacterial growth in your oil, which can cause bad odours and a reduction in the effectiveness of your oil. Biocides are important in this scenario, as they work specifically to reduce the chances of these issues cropping up.

You can even buy certain types that make your boiler smell nice, if that happens to be a priority! As a result, you’ll have more efficient fuel consumption and improved heating function between boiler services. Sounds like a win-win to us!

3. Reduction of Issues with your Heating System

The main function of heating oil additives is to reduce the risk of deposits in your tank, which down the line can cause major issues with your heating system if left untreated. These deposits can cause a range of issues, such as sludge formations, clogged fuel lines and potentially, an entire breakdown of your heating system. Probably best to stay safe in avoiding that, if we do say so ourselves!

4. Fresher Fuel

There’s always a risk of having not-so-fresh fuel if it’s been kept in your tank for a long period of time. Think of it like fresh food – everything expires at some stage. In general, you’ll have a better quality oil when an additive is present.

The right consistency, little to no bacterial growth or condensation, no fuel line blockages that impact the transfer of the oil to the burners, and more efficient long-term oil consumption overall.

5. Prevents the Consumption of Too Much Oil

Using an additive will normalise your oil consumption overall, which can only be a plus! Without heating oil additives, issues can arise and we can end up using more oil than normal, which can be wasteful and leave you out of pocket from buying more, only to have the same thing happen again. Not exactly an ideal scenario, right?

Using an oil additive ensures that your oil is being used efficiently and at the correct pace, benefiting you and your bank balance in the long run.

Some giveaway signs that you require heating oil additives:

  • Oil with a sludge-like texture and a tank that contains impurities
  • Inefficient oil consumption – using more fuel than usual
  • Clogged fuel lines – noted by an engineer during a service/check

Super Saver Oil – Home Heating Oil Additive

If you’re looking for and all-in-one solution, why not try our Home Heat Plus option? Home Heat Plus is a high-performing kerosene with additives already added, making it an easy and convenient option for one and all. It works by preserving the quality of your tank and heating process. It acts to reduce Co2 emissions, reducing build-up and sludge formation, improving the efficiency of your oil burn and keeping your oil fresh for as long as possible.

At the end of it all, you’ll have less costs when it comes to buying oil and servicing/making repairs to your boiler. We all need to heat our homes in the colder months, so we might as well make it as easy as possible!

One final important note: using a heating oil additive is always advised, but isn’t a universal easy fix. It’s always recommended to get your boiler serviced once a year and additionally when necessary. Better safe than sorry, don’t you think?

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