4 Things You Should Know About Your Home Heating System

If you’ve just moved house into a property with an oil central heating system then the first thing to recognise is that you are not alone. Up to 43% of homes in Ireland use oil for heating. You may have only experienced gas central heating up until now, so here are four things to know about your new wet home heating system.

  1. Why it is called a wet heating system?

You may have already noticed that the term ‘wet’ is used quite commonly to describe oil heating systems and quite simply this is because oil is a wet fuel. In a wet heating system, oil – either gas oil or kerosene – is used to fuel an oil-fired boiler which then heats the water for your radiators and hot water system.

Other than the fuel an oil-fired boiler needs, another key difference between an oil-fired boiler and a gas boiler is that most oil-fired boilers are floor standing as opposed to wall-mounted. Both combi and heat only boilers are available on the market, with most oil-fired combi boilers having an internal hot water store to supply domestic hot water as opposed to providing instant hot water as found with gas boilers.

      2. Where is your oil tank located?

When you moved into your home you may already have spotted the large tank, often somewhere in the garden of your home, which is where your heating oil will be stored. If you haven’t located it already you will need to know where it is and ensure that the oil tankers have access to it when they need it.

Oil tanks are made from fabricated steel or plastic and can be installed inside, outside and even underground. You will need to take care of your oil tank as the fuel inside it is valuable. It’s advisable to have your heating oil tank serviced once annually especially if you have a steel one as they require an oil-resistant coating.

     3. How much is home heating oil going to cost you?

The price of heating oil can fluctuate throughout the year due to a number of factors such as political unrest, the amount of oil being produced and the weather conditions. In general, heating your home with oil is considered a little more expensive than heating it with gas but there are ways to keep your fuel costs down, such as by using Super Saver Oil and buying ahead of time to avoid having to spend more in peak seasons.

You can get an instant quote on any amount of home heating oil you need by filling in just a few quick details at www.supersaver.ie.

     4. What type of home heating oil do you need?

There are two main types of fuel used for domestic oil heating; gas oil and kerosene. If you have just moved into a home with a gas-boiler then the type of fuel you need will often be labelled on your oil tank or your heating system. If it isn’t, then ask the previous owner which fuel they used or have a registered technician assess your boiler to tell you which fuel you should use.

    1. Gas oil is sometimes also known as 35-second oil or tractor diesel. Gas oil is a heavier oil and is often found in older boilers especially in rural agricultural settings. Only if you’re heating system has an outdoor boiler is gas oil suitable to use.
    2. Kerosene is considered a lighter and cleaner fuel than gas oil and is the type used in most homes. Kerosene is also considered as more efficient fuel and in cold weather is less likely to crystalise at the top which can cause flow issues. If you have the chance to choose your fuel then kerosene is a better option.
    3. Premium kerosene – Super Saver Oil supplies this high performance type of kerosene designed to protect home heating systems by preventing build up of sludge, lower carbon and deposit, and increase boiler efficiency by keeping fuel fresh for longer. Another version called Kero Cooker Plus is for optimum performance from range cookers and is a cleaner choice to use over standard kerosene.

Super Saver Oil will always ensure we’re providing you with the right product for your home heating system. Go to our Products section to find out more and get a quote in seconds.

COVID-19 Update

Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) Covid-19 statement 16th March 2020

The Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) has today, Monday, moved to reassure consumers that there will be no interruption in the supply of petrol, diesel and home-heating oil, to consumers or emergency vehicles, throughout the Covid-19 delay period and beyond.

IPIA members, who provide 50% of the energy consumed in Ireland, have already put in place health and safety procedures in their service station shops to ensure the safety of their 13,000 workers and their valued customers. Similarly, home-heating oil providers are changing how they engage with consumers, but there will be no interruption in supply.

If you wish to read the full IPIA Covid-19 statement click here. Please check our website for further Covid-19 updates.

Stay safe.

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