4 steps to avoid overpaying for home heating oil

Let us help you with your household expenses. We don’t think it’s fair to pay extra for something that you could have had a better deal on, which is why we always offer our customers a great deal on home heating oil – we monitor the prices daily and when they fluctuate, we adjust our prices accordingly, so when there are any savings to be had, we make sure you get them. But are there other steps to avoid overpaying for home heating oil?


  1. Order as much as you can afford

If your oil tank contents are running low, you might be tempted to top up with a few hundred litres to see you through the next few months, but you can avoid overpaying for home heating oil in the long run by ordering larger amounts in one go. This will not only last you longer, but cost you less in the long term as you benefit from economies of scale when purchasing, and enjoy a lower cost per unit. So, to avoid overpaying for home heating oil, our advice would always be to buy as much as you can afford at the time. It won’t go off or reduce in quality as it sits in your tank, so think of it as an investment.


  1. Budget throughout the year so you can avoid paying by credit card

If you order your home heating oil by credit card you will incur a transaction fee, and while this mightn’t seem like a lot, it’s a charge that can be easily avoided with alternative methods of payment and some clever budgeting skills. Using a debit card means you’ll never overpay for your oil, but unless you’ve been budgeting for this expense, it’s not always possible to pay for your oil in one go like this. For some simple budgeting tips to help you spread the cost of this household necessity, check out these handy tips and guidelines for putting a little bit aside each month.


  1. Order in advance for best savings on delivery

Keeping a close eye on your home heating oil levels will allow you to be much more flexible when it comes to delivery dates, as there’s nothing worse than running out completely and having to pay a premium for next day delivery. If you can order your oil well in advance, we can group your delivery with others in a similar location to you and this means you can pay the absolute minimum for delivery as it costs us less to deliver (and we always pass on any savings we can). For keeping an eye on your oil levels with accuracy, you might want to think about investing in an electronic oil tank gauge.


  1. Use less home heating oil

This one might sound obvious, but avoid overpaying for your home heating oil by ordering it less frequently. You can make your heating oil last longer by doing any of the following:

  • Turning down your thermostat
  • Ensuring your boiler is serviced and working at optimum efficiency
  • Not obstructing your radiators with furniture or clothing
  • Improving your insulation around the house

For a great deal on your home heating oil, get a quote online from us 24/7 using our super easy online form. Try it today!

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