3 Super Saver Reasons to Buy Your Oil This Summer

Summer is nearly here, hopefully bringing plenty of sunshine and heat with it! We know that at this time of year, the last thing you want to think about are the colder autumn and winter months but if you want to save money, now is the time to prepare for it!

Buying fuel in the summer has a number of benefits – here’s our top three reasons why you should consider buying your home heating oil now.


  1. Lower Demand = Cheaper Fuel

During the colder months, there is always a greater need for home heating oil. This can result in prices being significantly higher which, in emergency situations, can definitely be an unwelcome expense at that time of year.

As the weather is usually warmer in the summer, there is often a lesser demand for home heating oil meaning prices tend to be lower. This makes the warmer months the perfect time of year to stock up as it will help you save a notable amount of money, especially compared to paying for fuel in those last-minute, emergency situations.

However, prices will fluctuate throughout the year, so we do recommend keeping an eye on the market so as you can decide the best time to purchase your heating oil.


  1. Planning Delivery Times is Easy

Another benefit of buying your home heating oil in summer is that there is a smaller chance that your delivery will be delayed. In the winter months, bad weather can result in roads being blocked and a high demand for fuel which can leave you stuck at the end of a queue!

This uncertainty may result in you needing to take extra time off work or having to ensure that someone is at home at all time.

By purchasing and filling up your tank in summer, you can arrange your delivery with confidence, knowing that the date or time is unlikely to change as you won’t be competing with as many people to get a delivery time.


  1. Spread the Cost

Paying for your home heating oil can leave you with some large bills, especially when unexpected, emergency situations happen. However, pre-ordering your fuel can be extremely beneficial and may help you to avoid paying large sums of money at one time as your supplier may provide the option of paying in instalments.

If this is the case, you may have the option to pay over four or five months, say from June to October, before it is delivered in later in the year.

It is also useful to ask your supplier if you can fix the price-per-litre at the current rates, this will avoid any nasty surprises if the prices increase over the coming months.

So why not make sure you are prepared for the winter months? Get a free quote from us today and find out how much you can save.

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