11 Interesting Facts About Home Heating Oil

There are over 20 million homes throughout Europe that use heating oil in their homes. However, despite so many using heating oil to heat their homes, many of us know so little about this type of fuel.

We have compiled a list of interesting facts and trivia about heating oil, giving us all a little more knowledge about the fuel that has such a massive influence on our lives.

  1. Although many of us refer to it as heating oil or kerosene, there are in fact many different names which refer to this fuel. These include; 28 second, boiler fuel, burning oil, boiler juice, paraffin, kero and even the alternative spelling, kerosine.
  1. The word ‘kerosene’ a derives from the Greek word κηρός (keros) meaning wax. It is understood that it got its name from the waxy substance that was initially retrieved from the distillation process.
  1. Today, producing kerosene is a quite straight forward process. In a process called fractional distillation. It is produced by separating the compounds which make up crude oil, leaving a clear and thin oil.
  1. Home heating oil is completely safe as it cannot be set on fire with a match. If you drop a lit match into your oil tank it will be extinguished (we don’t recommend you try this at home!). In liquid form, it is non-explosive and can’t mix with the air to become explosive. It needs to be vaporized if it is to be ignited.
  1. Using home heating oil to warm your home has very few emissions, making it a cleaner fuel to use for heating and more environmentally friendly. With newer heating systems, this emissions level is nearing zero. Many advancements in cleaner, greener fuels have produced bio-fuels, which release minimal emissions into the air, and therefore it burns cleaner than it would have done 20 years ago.

    Heating oil has reduced sulphur content, therefore, releasing substantially fewer particles into the air. It has a similar level of CO2 emissions over its whole life cycle as gas, and the carbon monoxide emissions are 160 times lower compared to biomass heating. The installation of a modern oil boiler can be five times more effective than a heat pump to reduce CO2 emissions. Modernising an oil boiler can cost you, on average, half the price of insulating your home with the same levels of energy savings and emission reduction.

  1. Oil doesn’t look like a black swirly liquid lurking under the surface of the ground. In its crude form it just looks like muck and was made when plants and animals decayed under layers of sand and mud millions of years ago. It’s normally black, but can be red, green or brown as well.
  1. Almost all oil is trapped inside a rock, which needs to be broken to retrieve it.
  1. More than 100 countries around the world produce oil, so there’s no shortage of it. But the Middle East produce over 90% of it.
  1. Home heating oil also produces the hottest flame of any home fuel source, making it the most efficient method used to heat your house quickly.
  1. The price of gas has always been known for being over-priced and often rises when it is least expected. Although heating oil can also change in price you’ll normally pay a reasonable price for it at any time of the year. Heating oil can usually work out cheaper than gas depending on where you live and the size of your home or building.
  1. Kerosene is widely used to power jet engines of aircraft (jet fuel) and some rocket engines. It is also commonly used as a cooking and lighting fuel.

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